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Anonymous: Hi there! Can you recommend any Yunjae fics where Jae is bitchy and divalicious (lol) or where Yunho is a total jerk? I wanna read smth that isn't innocent!Jae or goody-two-shoes!Yunho xD Thanks!
I answered:


yunjae + diva!Jaejoong:

Ice by beeswaxing

A Learning Process by little-passions

Stop crumbling the cookie! by love-joongie

The Bet by yoochunforehead

Confessions of an Over-Dramatic Neurotic and How He Finally Got What He Wanted by shriya-4

Actor!universe by little-passions

Hosting hours by ppeogi

Stalker with a Crush by insanefujoshi

Remind Me, Please! Why Did I Fall In Love With You? by hi-yu

Hookups and Emoticons by k-chan91

Crushed by jaejoongism

Rockin’ Diva by pxahyoo

Pabo in Love with Gold Digger by tina_yunho

Let’s Play Pretend by smexplicit

One Night in Busan by beeswaxing

I’m Not Gay But I’m Pregnant? by yoochunforehead

The Queen Challenge by yunjae_diamonds

Melting My Ice Prince by aphaeiia

HP verse  by yukimiya87

The perks of an arranged marriage by yunhore

Genius by beautifulbolero

Hey daydreamer by kingheechul

Torpedo by kingheechul

yunjae + jerk!yunho more like a not such goody-two-shoes!yunho:

Baby Slytherin + Not-So-Baby Slytherin (Sequel) by enkaychi

My Cute Little Devil by Vladimire

- Fragile Essence by aquariuslover

A Love To Sacrifice by yunjae_hlub

Beast of the Matter by lunarrays

Kiss and Don’t Tell by thetaintedblade 

Wedding bells, Diapers, and Maybe a Little Bit of Love by na_tammie

Hosting hours by ppeogi

Baby Love by  fanficaddiction

you can also check the yunjae + cruel yunho tag

and I’m so sorry for the really late reply T^T

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